Autumn Mist is a raiding & social guild looking for players like you.

WoW Guild Rankings

We are mostly searching to increase our DPS raid team so we can advance further through Mythic Nighthold and then onto ToS.

We are a very active guild with events on most days:

All starting at 8pm Server time other then the whole day events.

Wed: Day of Reset
Thurs: Nighthold HC
Fri: Mythic + night
Sat: Nighthold N
Sun: Gear up sunday + Nighthold Mythic
Mon: EN & TOV HC
Tues: Transmog Tuesday

People are welcome to come and go to any of the events with no pressure to attend all, With raiders gaining the benefit and support of the guild bank to maintain and keep us going throughout the raid.

Social or normal members will be able to join, alts also welcome. All requirements for the raids are posted in the calendar (ilvl+dps).

Feel free to apply via the website, or add me on bnet if you want a chat, Nobbykinz#2994 all questions welcome